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The Benefits of Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Are you considering working with a dietitian (how exciting!) but aren't sure if virtual counseling is for you? Here, we'll review some benefits to remote nutrition counseling, including convenience, comfort, easy access to your kitchen, and more.

Should I see a virtual dietitian?

When considering working with a registered dietitian-nutritionist, you've undoubtedly seen virtual vs. face-to-face appointments. You may be wondering if it's better to keep it old school in-office, or try a virtual session. Virtual nutrition counseling is flexible, convenient, comfortable, allows you to work with the best dietitian out there even if you're hundreds (or thousands!) of miles apart.

Virtual nutrition counseling is convenient

The obvious first reason for working with a virtual dietitian is the convenience factor. Rather than using hours of sick time or PTO to trek into the office or finding a babysitter for your kiddos, you can meet with your dietitian nutritionist from anywhere! Hold your session on your lunch break, during nap time, before spin class, in the car (while safely in park!), at the beach, or from your kid's soccer practice. All you need is wifi and a distraction-free space to step away for your nutrition session!

Comfort is key

My personal favorite reason for virtual healthcare is the comfort factor. Do you get nervous the second you step into a doctor's office? And do you dread the thought of actually having to put on jeans and do your hair to meet with your dietitian? Enter: virtual nutrition counseling! Meet with me in your sweatpants or pajamas, in the comfort of your favorite chair with your dog by your feet! Bring a cup of tea or coffee and curl up under a blanket on the couch! Being surrounded by your own belongings can bring a sense of comfort and calm to our sessions, putting you at ease!

Show & Tell

Did you just buy some cool new plant-based yogurt but you're not sure if it's a good option? Go grab it and we can review it together! Are you unsure how to get that air fryer working? Let's take a peek together! Virtual nutrition counseling allows me to peek into your kitchen, at your food, and in your fridge if you'd like to share anything. It's almost like I'm there with you (except you don't need to worry about cleaning up around the house first!).

Loop in your family across town

Did you want your mom, your daughter, your cousin, or your husband to join our session but they live hours away? Not a problem! Virtual counseling allows us to meet across the country (or across the world!) to loop in caregivers or support systems into your care. If you'd like to share our sessions with a loved one or caregiver, virtual care is an easy way for everyone to feel close to home.

I don't take snow days!

Bad weather? Snowy streets? As long as my wifi is up and running, our session is still on! And nope, you don't have to shovel out your car to get there on time!

If you're looking to work with a virtual dietitian, Stacey Simon MS RDN CSG CDN, Intuitive Eating Counselor is available for 1:1 counseling sessions. Get in touch at, 603.264.7382, or


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