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My philosophy

I personally believe that food and nutrition should bring us all joy! We eat every day and we should enjoy doing so! It's important to note that deprivation and denial aren’t in my vocabulary. I believe that all foods can be a part of a nutritious, balanced diet; nothing is off limits! In working with clients, I always prioritize your needs and desires in setting attainable goals. 

You’ll never receive a strict “meal plan” from me; we will work together to improve your eating habits and physical activity in a way that’s entirely specific to you! You’ll also never see me prescribe expensive shakes, trendy foods, or gimmicky supplements. Wellness and habit-building takes time, self-compassion, and grace. I work with each client, providing support and guidance on the path to achieving your goals. Working with a nutritionist should be a positive, supportive experience, and I'm here to bring you just that!


My personal strategy is to help you adopt small, achievable goals that will gradually get you to your final wellness destination. Extreme changes in your diet in lifestyle aren’t sustainable (and they rarely bring you joy!); we will work together to adopt realistic changes, improving your wellness without feeling like you’re missing out on living! 


We will also work together to “re-learn” how to listen to hunger and fullness cues. Our bodies know what we need to be properly nourished and satisfied, but we often forget how to listen! Stacey believes in utilizing Intuitive Eating principles to honor what your body needs while incorporating gentle nutrition in a manner that’s sustainable (and feels good)! She also believes that you can be healthy in any size body, and loves working with clients to focus on their wellness without obsessing over numbers on the scale; health is about so much more than that!

"People who love to eat are always the best people."

Julia Child

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