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  • Madi Hahn

Intuitive Eating Principle 6: Feel Your Fullness

The 6th principle to Intuitive Eating is about Feeling your Fullness. An important aspect of Intuitive Eating is remaining in-tune with our bodies and the biological cues we’re given to tell us everything from what our bodies need to the type of food we feel like eating. The 6th principle is a combination of the body's cues we’ve discussed prior – feeling your hunger and discovering your satiety. Now, we can remain intuitive about how our bodies feel during our meals.

To be able to feel our fullness, we can take a small pause in the middle of our meal to check-in with what we’re feeling. In order to be able to achieve this, we need to be able to accept and respect whatever it is our body is feeling – whether it tells us to continue eating, or that we’re already feeling satisfied and full. Another important aspect of this is being able to trust that we will be able to have the foods we have an appetite for.

In order to act upon our feelings of fullness by choosing to stop eating, we can perform a little act that prevents us from eating out of habit, such as pushing the plate away. If you are someone who has trouble wasting the rest of the food on your plate, you can put the leftovers away for another time. Being in-tune with our bodies and how they are reacting to the food we eat can make a huge difference in how much we enjoy mealtime and how our bodies feel afterwards.

Stay tuned for Madi's posts on Intuitive Eating Principles 7-10!


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